How Knowledge Become Power when We Applied It

How Knowledge Become Power when We Applied It

It is a famous saying that knowledge is power but I differ because having knowledge means knowing about things but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you understand it, which do no good to you, and this is why not every Ph.D. holder is a millionaire or every Harvard and Stanford student is business man because having knowledge about things which you don’t even have to know or you apply, is simply a wastage of time, money and last but not least your brain and people like warren buffet who not only collect knowledge but also understand it and act on it becomes millionaire or even billionaire.

creativity and ideas:

Our brain is the place which is full of creativity and ideas and filling it with unnecessary knowledge can cause harm like if you want to become an investor but spend 4 years of your life in becoming software engineer, for your solace you would say you gain knowledge but you have basically waste your time, having knowledge about the things that you don’t understand can kill your creativity about certain aspect of life but having knowledge about relevant things and that you properly understand, can help you to achieve your goal and make you more creative about things which you want to pursuit.

Unfortunately majority of the people try to weight the chance of a person’s success according to their academic degree but does it really matter. In my opinion it is better to not know about irrelevant things as it gives you more space and time to gain more knowledge about relevant topic and apply it, you might not get success but you get experience which helps you to take one step toward success.

Knowledge Becomes Power :

We all know that we should not trust those people who are all talk and we know actions speak loud but most of us don’t apply it on ourselves as we have knowledge about different things but don’t act on it, it is like we know how to pay our debts but what good it would do to you if you only know but don’t apply it, so Basically knowledge becomes power only when you truly understand and apply it.

Here we have to acknowledge Elon musk that he does not have extra ordinary degree but just by reading book and gaining knowledge from it and apply it on his daily life and project he made himself one of richest person on earth. Elon musk is living example how knowledge becomes power when we applied it.

Betterment and Improve You Personality:

Having knowledge and not applying it, is an act of a fool because there is no point of being intelligent if you are not going to use your intelligence to make yourself successful and try to gain more and more knowledge without applying what knowledge you already have.

Knowledge becomes useless when it doesn’t improve your perspective about your life or encourage you to go for doing and gaining experiences from life. Knowledge is not only about memorizing things from books it is acting on it and go for betterment and improve you personality.

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