The Farmer School (TFS) currently serves students age 3-15 in Primary, Middle and High School. We are an independent school for students and families who are committed to being part of a new model of education. Learn more about our application process.

The Farmer School (TFS) believes in separate education facility for boys and girls. Though TFS has initiated facility for boys & girls at this time for junior school, however we strongly believe in separately empowering girls through education and character guidance and we intend to open a separate facility for girls in higher sections.

Our curriculum is intended to prepare students for success and is continuously revised to remain relevant. Students begin with a strong foundation in reading, writing, math, and digital literacy. The TFS Graduate Profile guides our expectations for what students should be able to do or show by the time they graduate from our school. This includes a personal passion project, cognitive skills, and demonstration of character strengths.

We have school throughout the year with breaks spread out over 12 months. Please view our public calendar to see the scheduled breaks for the current school year. These breaks typically include Eid breaks, winter holiday, a summer break, spring break, a Ramadan break, and short breaks between semesters. Since students are at the center of the learning experience at TFS, we have created our extended year schedule with students’ health, wellness, and optimal learning in mind.

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At The Farmer School, we have Independence Levels and mixed-age activities instead of traditional grade levels. This means that instead of grouping students by age and date cut-offs, we group them by level of independence as well as in flexible academic groups. Students get as much structure and support as they need to learn at their optimal pace.

To transition to the next Independence Level, a student must advocate for his/her own promotion.

Read in detail about Independence Levels at TFS inside prospectus.

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