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The Farmer School

We are a research-based institution, dedicated to increasing innovation in the education sector. Our goal is to introduce new and personalized student-focused practices. We believe that the new generations are capable of achieving far more than our society credits them for in the present world. At Farmer School, we believe that recognizing the ownership of skills and knowledge and the relationships around individuals is the key to successful learning.

We credit our experience in the academic industry to our content specialists, advisors, and associate teachers. These respectable professionals on our team guide our students at every stage, leading them gradually to higher levels of independence. The traditional teaching model is no longer proving effective in preparing children. The new generations are capable of contributing more meaningful knowledge and skills to the world. What they need is some meaning, empathy, self-motivation, and creativity, instead of compliance pressure.

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Our Core Beliefs

We believe that if students can’t learn the way we teach them, we must teach them the way they learn. We believe that students learn in different ways and prefer to learn at their own pace.

We believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. It is our desire to help students meet their potential in these areas by providing an environment that is safe, supports risk-taking, and initiates a sharing of ideas. There are three elements that we believe are conducive to establishing such an environment.

Our Mission



Our Visions

We execute our vision through the comprehensive TFS Learning Design.
The TFS Learning Design encompasses four categories:

  • Approach to Learning
  • Architecture of Learning
  • Academic & Character Outcomes
  • Art of Teaching


Why Choose Us?

At Traditional Schools…At The Farmer School…
Students are separated by age (grades)Students are grouped based on level of independence and flexible academic ability.
Students are promoted to the next grade after a set amount of time.Students are promoted to the next group when they have demonstrated mastery and a level of independence.
Student learning revolves around content requirements.Student learning revolves around conceptual understandings, which contextualize cognitive skills, character strengths, and content.
Students learn from their teachers and from textbooksStudents learn from their teachers, peers, and through self-directed blended learning
Teachers decide what a student should learn and whenStudents learn to set their own goals and weekly schedules with guidance from Advisors
The school day is divided into subjectsThe school day is divided into self-paced work time (Ownership Time), small group seminars, and project-based learning (Studio Time)
Students have homework and worksheets to complete after schoolStudents set their own goals, and if Ownership Time is used effectively, may complete their goals during the school day
The school day ends in the early afternoonThe school day spans from 7:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.,
The school has an extended-year model that offers breaks throughout a 12-month year
Parents receive a report card once each quarterParents view student Goal Trackers and attend student-led conferences and Exhibitions
StressStudent agency and ownership of learning goals reduces stress and increases independence. Relationships are key, with intentional time devoted to social-emotional learning. Our school provides a structured feedback loop between the Lead Advisor, Career & College Advisor, and Content Specialist team for each student.
Students have  transcript of letter grades as evidence of learningStudents have a curated portfolio and a mastery transcript as evidence of learning

Our Board Members

Engineer Aamir Akbar

M.Phil in Computer Science from International Islamic University, taught voluntarily to a lot of students, would love to support youngsters in their carrier building and reaching the highest standards.

Engineer Suleman Akbar

BSC Electrical engineering Working in multinational telecommunication company

Engineer Daniyal Sikandar

BCS working with telecommunication company

Ali Usman

Ali Usman

Pursuing PhD in Experimental Nuclear Physics in Canada. Previously worked as a faculty member at a reputed Pakistan university.