How Education Helps Us to Shape the Personality

How Education Helps Us to Shape the Personality

Education, the biggest asset anyone can have, the one thing that can build your life and shape you into someone who have strong backbone, give you knowledge about the things which will help you in your life and build your passion about something but if you are thinking that by education I mean your academic marks or thing that you memorize from your text book you are getting it all wrong. Here I am talking about the education and lessons we learn during our lecture or from the stories and things we not just memorize because even the parrot can memorize things, the tough thing is to actually learn from it and actually think about it and apply it and getting education open our minds for so many different things. we start to think and question about the things that we never even know about like how would even think or question the things that we don’t even know exists and education gives you that exact opportunity to know but in the end it’s you who decide if you actually wants to get educated or you just want to be that parrots who on their master’s queue starts to sing because that way you might get your degree but you won’t be an educated person because you would never have that trait in you.

Education Become your Strength:

Education is that one thing which never let the person fall even in their darkest time and keeps you in balance at your highest tie because the person reach their by learning is actually know how to deal with the situation, your luck can may be help you to get successful but it’s your education which helps you to maintain it because the world has already seen many people who became rich or get famous overnight but can’t keep it, with education it may take time but you get success, you are not only going to be a successful person but also experience person who know how to keep it or how to handle the situation and this will become your strength.

Help to Distinguish Between What is Right and What is Wrong:

Education make people understand or help to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong and the things we do, are they actually right? Or we are snatching someone else’s right. Education not only teaches a person basic ethics of life but also teach the technicality of life and when we like a bird leave our nest which is our parent’s house, it will help us to survive in the world. Education is that one things that can’t be snatch by anyone, it will be with till the date we die. Education make us to open our mind to new things and experiences which build our personality. Education is not only limited to our school, colleges or university but we continue to learn new things throughout our live and it continue to nourish our personality as they say life is the best teacher. Education transform a person into human being and respectful at that, you just need to apply what you learn.


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