5 Life Skills that should teach in Every School

5 Life Skills that should teach in Every School

Schools are the need of every student where students can enhance their abilities. Schools help them to identify what they are capable of and guide them how to achieve their goal but unfortunately this meaning of school has being replaced for today’s generation by a place where we test how accurate and quick we memorize our syllabus which kills the creativity of the students and this is an alarming situation for our whole schooling system, and if we want to improve it we have upgrade our curriculum and teaching method because if we correct what we teach and how we teach it, it will be more productive for students and actually build their interest in their studies. Here are the 5 life skills that should teach in every school.


Communication is basic but one of the most important skills for everyone because if we are capable of making other understand that what we are trying say it will make our life a lot easier and it is better if we know how to communicate to others early in our lives. Every school should teach their student communication skill as it will help them as a professional also.

Financial Education:

Most of the people in the world does not how to handle their money and it became the huge cause that people are sinking into debt, they don’t know how to make themselves financially independent and where to spend their money and how they can build their future without borrowing money from someone and the main reason behind it is that our schools teach us how to work and get salary but doesn’t teach what to do with that money, basically our schooling system is lacking to give students financial education which necessary for them and that’s why a lot of people struggle with finances.

Public speaking:

Public speaking is a type of communication where we address a lot of people at one time and it requires not only communication skill but also confidence in which every school should help their students to build and make them to get use to do public speaking.

Mindset Development:

Mindset is that one thing which can either make a person life or completely destroy it, mindset of a person means that he/she’s believes that what they believes in or in simple words their narrative toward things and schools are the place where a child starts to build their narrative as they spend most of their time in schools. Our Schools shouldn’t be lacking in providing their students mindset development programs which can help them identify or distinguish between what is wrong and what is right and how to handle the situation.

Specific Capability Skills:

every child has a specific capability or talent which enhance their personality but unfortunately because of our schools out dated curriculum they don’t even get the chance to nourish it but if our schools add those skills in the curriculum it will not only help our students to enhance their skills but also build their interest in studies and they can also explore different things



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